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Follow these steps to get signed up at your gym. This process should not take longer than a couple of minutes and you can be ready to workout within minutes or be signed up and ready for a big vacation in a couple of months.

*A smart phone and computer will be needed to complete membership to download our app.*

1. Scan the following QRcode and follow the app store that applies to your phone and download the app.






 2. Press “Join Club”


 3. Scan this blue QRcode below that is made to locate our gym on the app OR  click the button  on the bottom of your screen that says “Try searching for a club”.



4. Select Island Fitness as the club you are wanting to join!

5. Pick the date when you would like to start and the      membership option that applies to you.


6. Fill out all the fields so that you can make an account at Island Fitness.


7. Upon completion of payment and signing up you will be logged into your account on Gymmaster.


8. Hit the “Bluetooth check in” button to unlock the door when you are standing directly in front of it. Have a good workout!

First QR.png
Second QR.png
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